Sunday, May 22, 2011

a city of air and light...

amococo by juli

tula mirth and i just made it into the last of the line to visit the touring amococo.  it is a touring labyrinthine luminarium by architects of air which is based in nottingham, england.  the luminarium consists of 86 triaxial domes and 71 pods that create a complex of pathways of light, air and music.  the piece was handmade of a thin pvc and is inflated much like a bouncy house. it is pretty unbelievable in scope and experience to both children and adults.  tula mirth could barely contain her running and jumps and at several points was "swimming" in the floor of some of the rooms alongside adults.  ha!  i would strongly recommend a visit if they pass through your town...and take your camera!

video courtesy of architects of air

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