Saturday, January 22, 2011

lovely illustrations from greensboro, nc

i ran across the whimsical, lovely illustrations of jordan grace owens yesterday while perusing my favorite gallery, rebus works, in raleigh.  my four-year-old was immediately charmed by owens' small, moveable paper dolls and i have promised her a cat in the very, near future.

kitty-kat doll, $6

i, myself, like the bearded men magnets, $14.  ha-hum.  

she also does small prints, cards and she has a pop-out zine, $20.  you can see several pages of the zine on her flickr stream.

all of these items are for sale at her etsy site, hollandsworth.  or if you are in raleigh, visit rebus works for a selection of paper dolls, pins and magnets!

all photos courtesy of jordan grace owens.

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