Friday, January 21, 2011

marfa brand soap

When Jay and I were planning our wedding last year, we wanted to create a unique, useful wedding favor for our guests. Jay remembered using a handmade Marfa Brand Soap bar on a recent trip to Marfa, Texas, so we contacted Ginger Griffice, the creator of these all-vegetable soaps. Jay told her of our engagement trip to Northern California, and she agreed to create a 'Rocky Pacific' soap just for us! We ordered 200 2-inch bars for our guests and 4 large bars for us to keep! More hand-crafted Marfa Brand goods here. (photos by juli)

Speaking of Marfa (which tops my list of places to visit), check out El Cosmico, the ultimate slow life destination. I'll stay in one of those cool Airstream trailers. I think Juli would prefer a yurt!
(Photos courtesy

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  1. Hi Tracy, I loved the smell of the soap so much that I keep in my car for a while just so it would smell like it. :) Now it is my dresser making my clothes smell good! I just couldn't bring myself to use it and never smell it again. Love the blog!


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