Wednesday, July 13, 2011

north carolina modernism

cassilhaus designed by ellen cassilly of ellen cassilly architect

when i moved to an area in north carolina known as "the triangle" from chicago i thought i would be a little bored with the architecture.  at first glance the sprawl of homes and the fledgling skylines in the triangle cities of raleigh, durham and chapel hill were not impressive but I soon began to learn about the pockets of loveliness that are hidden all around as well as the fact that we have the largest number of modernist homes aside from l.a. and chicago.  here is just a handful of the beautiful modern homes in the area which are all designed by local architects.

shamlin residence designed by randy lanou of studio b

lanning residence designed by tonic design

the phil szostak house designed by phil szostak of szostak design

thomas and kay crowder residence designed by thomas crowder of ARCHITEKTUR

strickland-ferris residence designed by frank harmon of frank harmon architect

do you know of any hidden pockets of modernist architecture?

images: james west for cassilhaus, lanning residence, thomas and kay crowder residence and strickland-ferris residence; studio b for the shamlin residence and casey laborde for the phil szostak house.

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