Wednesday, September 28, 2011

fall apples

fall apples, by juli

fall reminds me of picking apples at my uncle charlie's home in alabama.  he has a small orchard on land near my grandfather's farm.  i always loved the tart, crisp apples we picked there.  i live in north carolina now where families enjoy taking a trip out to orchards in the mountains to pick heirloom apples.  we have quite a few varieties here and we just completed a story about their different uses as well as some recipes that i thought all of you might enjoy as well.  btw, if you want to look at some lovely apple books take a peek at "apples i have eaten" by jonathan gerken and "the apple lover's cookbook" by amy traverso.
from left: honeycrisp, empire and mutsu, by juli

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  1. It's apple week at La Domestique and the husband and I spent the day at a Colorado apple orchard recently- we had such a lovely time! I just love freshly harvested fall apples. They are so crisp and juicy. :)


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