Thursday, September 29, 2011

raleigh denim

sarah + victor, by juli

do you ever feel inspired by your friends?  i know that i do when i slow down to really take them in.  i feel so lucky to know some really talented people like sarah and victor of raleigh denim.  i remember when they started making jeans over four years ago and turned it into a fine craft with the entire process of the jeans made by hand and sourced locally.  i recently helped work on photos for a story about how their business has continued to expand into barney's and saks as well as a move into a larger warehouse with a lovely retail space called curatory (which includes their jeans as well as well-crafted and hand-picked clothing, accessories and other items.)  the business is so personal to them and it really shows in the thought and care they put into every aspect of the process. 

details from curatory, by juli

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