Monday, February 21, 2011

billy reid

my brother and i like to talk about fashion designer billy reid.  we both admire how he has created his life in such an authentic way so as to even decorate his stores to create the feeling that you have walked into his home, which by the way, is in florence, alabama.

reid's clothing reaches into a lifestyle that speaks to classic americana and workwear stylings.  check out his spring 2011 collections and see the nytimes slideshow of the fall 2011 collections from last week's ny fashion week.

and don't you love this t-shirt?  oh my, how us southerners love our banana pudding.

all photos courtesy of

watch this great interview by the oxford american of billy reid at home in florence.


  1. Totally cute post. I love all the wool and tweed he uses, it reminds me of the old factory workers in the 40s.

    I'm from Louisiana, and I love me some banana puddin'.

    Happy Monday!

  2. wow. i'd never heard of this designer, but what a talent he is! and that SHIRT! i'm a southern girl (from nashville) and there is nothing i love more than banana pudding :) thanks for sharing!


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