Saturday, February 19, 2011

favorite kid links...

first slumber party, by juli

just some of my favorite sites about kids, for kids, to buy kids...

sarah o'leary's sweet book, "when you were small" is an absolute favorite of my daughter's with its gentle drawings and fun little story.  sarah also has a blog about children's books which is certainly worth a visit.

the mini social is a private members only on-line boutique with rotating sales on clothes, shoes, toys, books and art for children.  it costs nothing to join and there are some great finds.

moolka is an online toy store with well-designed and less commercial products for kids.

the happy magazine for kids, anorak.

indie kids music that you also might just like, renee & jeremy, get a free download!

our current favorite toy is the haba rickshaw.

wonderful papercut prints from the talented elsita.  we have little red riding hood.

small is a beautifully created online magazine about kids for parents.  usually some fun DIY projects and there is always a free coloring download.

misha lulu creates whimsical children's clothes.

joslyn of simple lovely also has a kid + food blog, raising foodies, with recipes!

my daughter is a shoe person and some of her quirky favorites are from livie & luca.

and finally, i leave with you with a free download for paper dolls via kiddley which was created by the small object.

happy weekend!  and hello there to new followers!  yay!

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  1. We love "When You Were Small" - I had no idea there was a related blog. Thanks for the tip! And I love your blog by the way!


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