Sunday, February 20, 2011

sunday movie

i love a good matinee on the weekend.  we don't go too often but tula mirth and i recently saw the animated film, "the illusionist," which is kid-friendly.  sylvain choment's latest film adapts a script by jacques tati (remember "the triplets of belleville"?!) and the film is lyrical and visually stunning.  a great way to spend an afternoon!  have you seen any great films lately?

p.s. stay after the credits for a bonus scene!


  1. I loved "The Illusionist" - it was, in my opinion, one of the best animated films I've ever seen. I would love to see it take home an Oscar!

    My boyfriend recently surprised with a trip to the theater to see the new Liam Neeson film "Unknown" - I'm not usually into action films because they're so predictable, but this one had me on my seat until about 15 minutes before the end. And Liam had a great performance.

  2. i absolutely love that film! it's largely set in edinburgh, where i currently live, and it's always so much fun to see familiar places on-screen!


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