Thursday, February 10, 2011

king kale

for about 2 seconds, i wanted to major in nutrition in college. that didn't last long, but i still love to read about food and wellness. some recent favorites - in defense of food, the blue zones, and quantum wellness.

the usda just announced new dietary guidelines for americans. it seems like a good start. check out mark bittman's nytimes piece on this topic.

i am not vegan or even vegetarian, but i try to focus on plant-based dishes as much as possible. earlier this week i made a kale pesto pasta using a recipe from 101 cookbooks (thanks to juli for introducing me to this site).

photo by heidi swanson from

nothing with goat cheese can possibly taste bad! i added some walnuts and lots of red pepper flakes to the food processor, and it turned out great! the next night, i cooked up some chicken with tomatoes and lemon juice and added it to the leftover pasta. marvelous!

i (literally) just found this blog, 365 days of kale. who knew?! every kale recipe you can imagine. i like this woman already.

read about the incredible health benefits of kale.

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