Tuesday, February 15, 2011

merge records

arcade fire photo by anton corbijn
so i guess by now everyone in the world knows about indie rockers arcade fire winning the grammy for best album. this was especially exciting to us because arcade fire is on durham's home-grown merge records. merge is home to so many great artists - spoon, richard buckner, camera obscura, destroyer, the rosebuds, she & him....ok i'll stop now. well, i can't forget superchunk. members laura ballance and mac mccaughan started merge in 1989.

superchunk photo from mergerecords.com

one of my favorite newish merge artists is telekinesis. their new record 12 desperate straight lines was released today! you'll be hooked, i promise! listen at npr.

check out this video for dirty thing, a song that appeared on their 2010 release parallel seismic conspiracies. i am ready to go on the road!


  1. Whoa-stumbled onto your blog via cup of jo. Nice to see Telekinesis getting a mention here! We're seeing them tomorrow night in Portland!


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