Friday, April 1, 2011

butterflyfood blog

i love to cook (and eat), but unfortunately i have no skills with a camera.  i don't even own a half-way decent camera!  thankfully my fellow blogger juli is a master photographer.  whenever i cook something, i take it to her house for dinner and we always save a little for her to photograph the next day.  not a bad trade-off, especially with these cookies!   

i am always on the lookout for new and interesting food blogs and websites.  it is rare to find one with great recipes and great photography.  so i was thrilled when i came across ashley's butterflyfood blog, which combines wonderful recipes with beautifully styled photos, all by ashley.

check out this baked camembert.  whoa.

or how about the chocolate-covered maple sponge toffee???

ashley also sells her food prints via etsy!  i am a little partial to this peaches print.  i am so excited for summer and all the fresh fruits that will be available!  and i love these little turquoise bowls.

all photos by ashley greer colbourne

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