Saturday, April 9, 2011

just give me...

a couple of hours and my camera and there is great fun to be had.  i rarely have time alone.  i am either at work or being mama so when tula mirth attended a "drop-off" birthday party yesterday evening i felt amiss at what to do with myself at first.  silly me.  i am never lonely when i have cameras.  i spent some time catching up on some neighborhood graffiti and later drifted to a buddy's house (also a photographer) and well, we took lots of photos and laughed.  the last photo of the day was of the giant pink unicorn tattooed on my daughter's cheek during the birthday party. 

all photos by juli


  1. Those are some great quirky photographs! And I'm jealous of the interesting graffiti you've got.

  2. that's some really sweet graffiti in your neighborhood!

  3. Juli, may I tell you how much I like your pictures (poetry?!!)?
    I'm also one of these person who never feel alone with her camera.
    Thanks to both (if I anderstood well...) of you. Your blog nourrished me (can I say that? I feel too lazy to seach :p ): you made my day!


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