Monday, April 4, 2011

escazu artisan chocolates

escazu artisan chocolates makes delectable, handcrafted works of art. this "bean to bar" shop started in 2006 with one bar made from fine venezuelan chocolate. currently, escazu has a thriving retail shop near downtown raleigh, nc and sells to wholesale buyers from all over the country.  they offer a variety of chocolate bars, hot chocolate, and confections made with real ingredients like ginger, habanero, and peach!

you don't have to live nearby to enjoy escazu's wonderful creations.  check out this list of places to find them.  they also make a great gift!

they're almost too pretty to eat...

passion fruit, lemon ginger, mojito
NC purple sweet potato with brown sugar & cinnamon covered in dark chocolate topped with hazelnut brittle
vanilla sour cream ganache, cashew-maple syrup and white chocolate kalamata olive

all photos from escazu facebook fan page

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