Monday, April 18, 2011

new belgium brewing company

new belgium's own airstream trailer
yesterday, my co-worker and i visited the new belgium brewery in ft. collins, colorado.  (yes, I am still in denver on business.)  we took a tour of the brewery and sipped free (!) beer all along the way.  at the end, we drank the ranger ipa, which was time-stamped literally 10 minutes before!  fresh beer!

look at all those ranger ipa bottles

what an impressive company!  new belgium was started in 1991, after co-founder jeff lebesch trekked all over europe on his fat tire bicycle visiting breweries and gaining inspiration.  his wife, kim jordan, is now the ceo of this employee-owned business.  paid holidays include valentine's day and earth day!

sustainability is a major part of new belgium's business philosophy.  evaporative coolers air condition the 55,000 sq. ft. packaging hall.  the methane resulting from the brewing process is used to create electricity and heat for the brewery.  new belgium also created team wonder bike, a group dedicated to biking more than 14 million miles in the coming year.

our tour guide said the company is looking to start a second brewery in the southeastern united states.  pick us!  pick us!

use the libation location to find new belgium beer near you! 

p.s.  this is our 100th post.  unbelievable!  i love sharing this art project with you, juli! 

thank you, readers, for being so sweet and supportive...

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