Monday, April 25, 2011

cassette tape love!

i have recently had nostalgic feelings for the ol' cassette tape because it is how i got my start listening to music.  i have enjoyed asking friends about their first purchase (my first was "working class dog" by rick springfield) and sharing that bit of music culture and history.  and what about the sweet mix tape with it's hand-drawn art and time devotion? to actually make a mix tape for a friend was such an incredible gift in comparison to the current ease of putting together an mp3 playlist.

so, my dears what was your first cassette tape? please share!

 i made you a mix tape hand cut 8x10 silhouette by jessica alpern's shop in austin, texas.

in my search for cassette tapes i ran across raleigh, nc, label diggup tapes who make cassette tapes for a handful of bands which are certainly worth a listen (oulipo and naps caught my attention.)

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