Friday, March 11, 2011

displaying kid art

i am working on my daughter's corner of the living room where i would like to create a gallery wall of her art over her desk.  i have found so many beautiful walls in my online travels and i certainly favor the look of frames although they may be a bit more confining for a rotating gallery.
aren't these walls engaging?

via Staci on Pinterest
there is the option of the wire curtain rod (which we have used) but it is not always pleasing as the art tends to sag pretty quickly and ends up looking messy like our refrigerator.  however, ohdeedoh does give nifty directions on a diy ikea wire curtain rod which is tempting.

courtesy of ohdeedoh

removable gallery corners from petit collage could pin down art but also make it easy to rotate at only $18 for a sheet of corner decals.

courtesy of petit collage
martha stewart provides diy instructions for a "wonder wall" which are made with magnet boards and foldout canvas walls.

courtesy of martha stewart

another idea that i ran across via opal never shouts is a graphic poster made from several scanned images of your child's art.  pretty clever and it could also make a great gift for grandparents.

courtesy of opal never shouts
make a wall mural with diy instructions via readymade magazine.  definitely not for a rotating gallery, but still pretty awesome.

courtesy of readymade magazine

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  1. I just did this. I took a couple of eye hooks and screwed them into opposite ends of a long wall in our dining room, almost at ceiling height. I ran a string across and used clips and wooden clothes pins to attach my son's artwork. It does sag, but the span is so long that it makes for a gentle curve. He loves seeing all of his artwork on display and I love not having it ALL over the house.


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