Wednesday, March 9, 2011

great southern documentaries on tour

courtesy of self-reliant film

the documentary, "for memories’ sake," caught my eye today because it speaks to the act of recording and appreciating your life...every single day.  a simple, yet amazing act of examining oneself.
the film looks at the life and work of angela singer, a southern homemaker who has taken an average of a dozen photos a day for the last 35 years, compiling an interesting archive of over 150,000 photographs of her daily life.  check out her "photos of the day" on flickr

the filmmakers, paul harrill and ashley maynor of self-reliant film, are on an 11-city screening tour this month as part of the southern circuit tour of independent filmmakers with a collection of short films entitled, "southern stories," that includes three films: the sundance award-winning short film, "gina, an actress, age 29" the itvs co-production, "quick feet, soft hands," and "for memories’ sake."  the films draw upon the filmmakers' tennessee roots and demonstrate their commitment to regional filmmaking.

if you live in the south and would like to catch the tour, there are still several dates this month.

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