Monday, March 14, 2011

dog love.

"like a photograph, she cannot say what she lets me see.  she is an embodied secret." - jonathan safran foer

franny takes her turn in the photo booth, by juli

i am a lover of dogs.  i have had a dog or two or almost every point in my life since i was a baby.  they are my companions, of course, but they awaken me to living: my sense of humor, play, compassion and intense loyalty.  my own daughter was brought home to a pack of large dogs and i made all the humans wait outside so that my pups could meet their new tiny person in peace. 

i added a new dog to our pack a little over a year ago.  she is the scruffiest little squirrel monkey dog you could conjure and her name is franny.  she was chosen by my daughter on petfinder and brought to us via a rescue dog transport from memphis. it was a dramatic entrance which included her appearance on the discovery channel (for three whole seconds) and i must say she is the most unique little creature i have known.  she is also absolute love to my daughter.  franny tolerates being dressed in clothing, runs alongside my daughter's bike and spoons at night.  (she actually climbs up the stairs of the treehouse bed.)  she sits still for whispered secrets and dances at our entrance.  the love and friendship of a dog is a special thing and is such a lovely piece of my own is a delightful thing to witness all over again between tula mirth and franny as they gracefully bridge the gap between human and canine.

bike ride, by juli


  1. Great post. My dog of 15 years passed away last month, but he was an amazing companion.

  2. Just wanted to let you know I really like your blog. Its beautiful. Its kind of perfect. The photo above is wonderful. The light and the lines - life in motion. Thank you for sharing.


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