Saturday, March 12, 2011

how to care for introverts

i found these nice care instructions via dorothy joy while scavenging about on pinterest. very applicable to kids and adults!  i am introverted and always interested in where others fall on the introvert-extravert continuum.  my husband is so extraverted!  he can talk to anyone about anything, which just amazes me. i like people, but need some alone time to recharge and get back to myself.
i am wondering if blog readers are an introverted lot...

i hope you enjoy a leisurely sunday, whether alone or surrounded by loved ones!

(beautiful violet bella photo for sale on etsy and pinned by christina)


  1. So true. I am a introvert and can relate to every point of that clipping. My hubby is an extrovert as well and will unintentionally step on my introvert toes from time to time.
    I can be socially active but I don't have to be. I need to have hours of quiet and time in nature to charge my batteries. I have to have a book sitting at the ready and I can only take in one media type at a time.

  2. I'm right there with you. I like people but really prefer the people I already know. Going to two events in a weekend that involves a lot of small talk with people I barely know is hard for me and likewise I need to go find alone time. Even at home, with my husband and two small kids, I just need to detach a bit now and then. Audiobooks help when I can't physically get away.

  3. I love the instructions for caring for an introvert. I only wish my five-year-old could read them. I'm an introvert and so is hubs but the boy is way way way extroverted. It's an interesting, at times exhausting, hair pulling, joyous and overwhelming adventure.
    I'm a blogger too and I think that's an interesting question. Do bloggers tend to be introverted? Seems like they would since it's a solitary, largely reflective, activity. But I'm often surprised by what statistics show.


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