Monday, March 28, 2011

thinking about beets...

i had a vegetable photo shoot to tackle yesterday for a book cover i am working on for a chicago author.  i bought an armful of vegetables for the shoot including one of my favorite photogenic vegetables, beets.  i took this photo of tula mirth holding the beets shortly before i quartered and roasted them.  yum!
beet love by juli
there are some great beet recipes out there including this 101 cookbook's roasted beet and blood orange salad with spicy greens, saveur's beet soup and butterflyfood's simple roasted beet recipe.


  1. Well now, you can mark me down as a serious subscriber. the slow life was fast becoming one of my favorite blogs and now I know it for certain, what a lovely pic! beets are jewels and I collect their recipes like an aging socialite collects shiny rocks.

  2. yummy!!!! Have you ever tried pickled beets??? My favorite! Longing for summer now...

  3. yum is right! i love roasted beets.. and i'm on board with Zom G; i am totally diggin' the slow life!


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