Saturday, March 19, 2011

pico + googy

pico + googy, by juli

when i became a mama i suddenly had the desire to make a lot of things.  i started sewing and building and making food from scratch.  i suppose this is a very instinctual response as i know many others who seem to have started making things when they became mamas.  it is a pretty awesome side-effect if you ask me.  my creative life before tula was very focused and now it seems so much more open.
pico and googy are one of my early projects of plushies that i made when tula was a baby.  she named them when she was so small and she still adores them.  we are currently planning on making plushies based on her drawings.  i think this is a great way to preserve your child's art work and bring their imaginary life into the real.  i found another mama, lizette greco, who seems to be doing the same and she has some wonderful plushies made from her children's drawings.  she will even do custom-work pieces based on a child's drawing!


  1. These are absolutely wonderful. I'm serious, I'm in love. And how sweet is it that your little one named them Googy and Pico? I'm not a mama yet, but I'm going to do this for my bebe when it happens.

    Happy Saturday!

  2. yes!!! what she said (brittany h.)
    except happy friday :D


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